Gabrielle designs Aunt Lucy bear just read The Daily Mirror review of her nephews big screen debut


The Daily Mirror said in their review of Friday's eagerly awaited release that "this utterly lovely film might just be the finest family movie ever made"

High praise indeed and the paddington collective can't wait.

One key character yet to feature in the trailer is Paddingtons Aunt Lucy. Gabrielle Designs released their version of his Aunt in the late seventies and in good condition like the one seen above are hard to come by. 

She has bloomers with a little pocket with her specially designed coins from the home for retired bears, as you can imagine finding these 35 year old bears with those still up her kniker leg is quite a rarity. 

In the 90's Gabrielle designs now under new management released these now highly saught after replicas. 


Aunt Lucy makes an appearance in the film but what will she look like? I hope she is as funky as these beautiful bears, we can't wait to see.