Complete bears - hat, jacket,boots and luggage label (Some with silver care card)

Bears in need- one of above missing (hat, luggage label, boots and jacket missing) Some of these guys have their silver care card

Clothing and accessories - New (replica) or completely original clothing, care cards, luggage labels, boots and the rarer 'sold seperately' items.

Rare and Curiosities - Rarer miscellaneous items verified as official by Paddington and Company


Care for your bear

Dirt and dust

It is important to remember that many of the bears are over thirty years old and some date back as far as 1972.

It goes without saying that some will need a dust down and a brush up. We have found that the use of a good dry shampoo and a good brush will bring up your bear a treat.

Coats, hats and other clothing

We note that in most cases the felt coats have been enjoyed in part by a moth or two over the years and expect to find one or two holes in hats and clothes. We will try and note excess moth damage in the description. We will also try to authenticate clothing wherever possible but take no responsibility for this, we will take care to note if we have provided new clothing. 

We do not advise washing the original felt clothing as it will destroy it, again a dry shampoo and a brush is as good as anything.

Luggage labels

Were our old Paddington bears have lost their original Gabrielle Design Luggage labels, we have lovingly replaced with a replica free of charge. From time to time we do have original labels for sale as spares.


Some of our bears have toggles missing from the coats. On purchase every effort will be made to match and replace any missing toggles before dispatch.


It is advised that the older merchandise is not for young children and as such we cannot offer any safety guarantees that are statutory with the purchase of new items. The large bears were originally sold as collectors items - great care was taken to ensure they met safety standards in the 1970s onwards but unfortunately, as second hand goods, we cannot offer any guarantees and as such all goods are used at your own risk. No one wants to choke on a Paddington Bear eye!!!! 

A Paddington Collective replica luggage label for a Gabrielle Design Paddington Bear

A Paddington Collective replica luggage label for a Gabrielle Design Paddington Bear